What should I consider when choosing a Study Abroad Program?

Here are a few things you should think about while your looking for a potential Study Abroad Program:

  • Academic goals and interests
    • Start with your major or minor: what course requirements will you need to fulfill by your intended graduation date?
    • Does the program offer specific courses within your major or minor?
    • Does the program offer courses in a specific area of interest within your major or minor?  Or do you just want to concentrate on fulfilling general ed requirements while abroad?

For questions about integrating study abroad into your specific program(s) of study it is best to start by talking with your academic adviser.  Relating general questions to the Study Abroad office can't hurt, but as far as specifics relating to your own academic goals and interests, you should start by meeting with your adviser.

  • Personal goals and interests
    • Foreign language immersion?
    • Service learning and community development?
    • Politics or international relations?
    • Sustainability?
    • Career opportunities?
    • Or just seeking international travel experience?

These are a few things you should sit down and think critically about on your own.  Bouncing ideas off friends, parents, or professors is also a good idea.  The Study Abroad Office can also provide networking opportunities with students who have gone on programs in the past.

  • Geographic interests
    • Is there a particular area of the world or country you have always wanted to visit?

Consider the human and cultural geography as well as the physical geography and climate.

  • Finances and funding

This is something you want to talk about with parents/guardians (or anyone who might be helping you pay for Study Abroad) as well as the Financial Aid Office.  You can check out program costs and coverage on each program webpage under the 'Cost Sheet' link on the bottom right.  Don't forget to take exchange rates, flights, and the time of year you want to go abroad into account.  You should always factor in costs related to getting passports and/or visas (including travel to international consulates in NYC) when thinking about program funding.

The Study Abroad Office is open for advisement.  Email one of our Study Abroad Advisors, Emily Froome (froome@geneseo.edu) or Sam Cardamone (cardamone@geneseo.edu) to schedule an advisement appointment or stop by during walk-in advisement hours.