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Congratulations!  You have been accepted to study abroad, and you are now on your way!  This page is designed to help students who are currently abroad.  Here you can find helpful resources for questions and concerns that arise while abroad.

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Currently Abroad

HTH Worldwide health insurance coverage

SUNY mandates that all students have adequate health insurance coverage while travelling abroad on a SUNY sponsored program.  Students going on Geneseo sponsored programs are required to purchase SUNY sponsored medical insurance.  This insurance is provided by HTH Worldwide and MedEx Assistance Corporation.  The cost of insurance depends on the duration of your program.  Please see the program costs sections of the program's webpage for the exact cost of your insurance coverage.

The Study Abroad Office will register you for HTH Insurance.  Once registered, you will receive an email from HTH Worldwide prompting you to create an account on their website.  It is very important that you create your account before you leave the United States.  Once you create your account you can print your health insurance card and look for in-network, English speaking doctors in the country you will be staying in.  In the event that you do need medical attention while abroad and have to go to an out-of-network healthcare provider, you will use your HTH account to submit a claim for reimbursement.  HTH guarantees 100% reimbursement, with a $0 deductible.

Transferring your Study Abroad Courses

If you're currently abroad for a semester  and were not able to complete a course approval form before you left, you can send us your course approval form with course descriptions, via email to  Please send us your course approval form as soon as you complete registration at your host university.


Registering for your upcoming semester at Geneseo

If you're currently abroad for a semester, please keep in mind that your myGeneseo and Knightweb accounts will remain active while you are away, and you are expected to stay on top of all email communications and registration deadlines.  Unfortunately the Study Abroad Office cannot change your registration time due to the difference in time-zones.  If the start of your registration time happens to fall during your class time abroad, we recommend that you tell your professor ahead of time and ask to be excused from class during that time (or bring your laptop to class with you, if appropriate, and take a few minutes to find your Geneseo courses when your registration window opens). 

If you have any trouble registering for classes for the semester you return to Geneseo, please let our office know so we can talk with the Registrars Office on your behalf.


Blog about it!

Keeping a blog while you are abroad?  We'd be happy to host your blog on our website (provided the content remains appropriate).  If you'd like us to link to your blog on our website, or even if you'd like to share your blog with us without us posting it on our site, please send an email to