Field Geology of Chile

This two-week, faculty-led program will allow students to travel around Chile and see first-hand the landscapes produced by the geological processes they studied in GSCI 391.

Term/Duration:Intersession/2 weeks
Intersession 2015 Dates:TBA
Credits:3 credits
Application Fee:$20.00
Estimated Program Fees:$3,500.00
Application Deadline:End of Spring 2014 Semester
Type of Program:Faculty-led

Program Details

In Chile, the Nazca Plate, a portion of the Pacific Ocean basin, is subducting under the western edge of South America.  That subduction produces the active volcanoes of the Andes Mountains and vigorous seismic activity, including the largest earthquake on record in 1960.  In addition to active volcanoes and fault zones, the Andes host remnants of a once great ice cap that has since retreated over the last 14,000 years.  Recent glacial landforms are spectacularly preserved and large, modern glaciers are easily accessible.  The purpose of this course is to provide Geological Science majors at Geneseo the opportunity to see the landscapes and lithologic record of these geologic processes first hand.