France - Film Studies


Not Offered Summer 2011

The Program 

This course provides an in-depth look at the development of the French New Wave and auteur theory by outlining the films, ideas, and histories that led to one of the most important movements in film history.

ENGL 359: The focus of the course will connect the French New Wave, French film history, and the auteur theory to conceptions of place. Why have many of the key films of the Nouvelle Vague taken place in Paris? What is the link between Paris and cinema? We will consider the role of Paris as a physical as well as representative place on the look of French cinema. Curriculum includes morning and afternoon classes, including film screenings, in classrooms at the student hostel [FIAP Jean Monnet], as well as offsite class meetings, and afternoon/ weekend excursions. Students will visit spaces famous for their appearance in films about Paris, focusing on how different neighborhoods of Paris signify different values, lifestyles, classes, and cultures. We will also visit exhibitions relating to cinema, view films at the Cinémathèque Française and other venues, and visit museums of sculpture, painting, and photography that relate to cinematic representations.

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