Geneseo, other SUNY schools, and other institutions offer opportunities for short-term, semester- and year-long study abroad programs.



Geneseo Programs  Students can study in a variety of programs based in over 20 countries. Programs may be for a semester or year or be single-course programs offered for a shorter time. Non-Geneseo students are also welcome on Geneseo programs.

SUNY Programs  []. Geneseo students may also study overseas through any SUNY institution. Programs are currently available in approximately 65 countries. If Geneseo students choose to study abroad through another SUNY institution, they pay regular Geneseo tuition as part of the overall program cost.

Non-SUNY Programs  Students may also choose to study abroad with universities or private providers outside the SUNY system. If through a private provider, Geneseo students should check with the Geneseo Office of Study Abroad Programs to see whether the credit hours will transfer back. If Geneseo students enroll in non-SUNY programs (including community college programs) they will need to request than an official transcript from the sponsoring institution be sent to the Registrar's Office. In addition, students who participate in study abroad programs external to the SUNY system must take a leave of absence from SUNY Geneseo for the period of time they are out of the country (measured by semester). To take a leave of absence, pick up a Leave of Absence form at Doty Hall 312 or download it from our website.



For semester or year-long programs, you should begin exploring study abroad possibilities at least 6 to 12 months before you plan to begin studying abroad. This will give you time to determine whether and how courses will transfer back to Geneseo, meet deadlines for applications, explore financial aid, and make contacts and plans in your host country.


If considering a semester or year program, you should begin the process of course selection and planning early, by first locating the course catalogue of the overseas college, university or institute you will be attending. Many catalogues are now available on the Internet. You will need to complete a Course Approval Form before the beginning of the program or shortly thereafter.


For short programs, especially summer programs, you should explore possibilities at least a semester beforehand. In addition to reviewing the information on this website, attending a Geneseo Study Abroad Fair is a good way to learn about available programs. Information on study abroad experiences and programs also is available in our office at Erwin 106. Please contact us for guidance as you begin your search.