student teaching in ghana: program costs

The tables below list the cost of this program for the Fall 2013 semester (7 weeks).  The first table lists the costs that are payable to SUNY Geneseo (either to the Student Accounts Office or the Study Abroad Office).  The second table lists the additional expenses you should be prepared for when participating in this program.  Additional expenses are not paid to SUNY Geneseo; they will be paid to 'others'.  All additional expenses are estimates.  All costs are subject to change without warning due to factors beyond the control of the Study Abroad Office, such as changes in airfare or exchange rates.

Please note that tuition for the program is your normal Fall semester tuition, and will be paid to the Student Accounts Office.

You can also view your individual Study Abroad charges (not tuition) on your Horizons account by logging on, clicking on the 'My Invoices' tab at the top, and clicking the view icon next to your invoice.  The Study Abroad Office will not issue you a paper bill - please refer to your invoice.


Program Charges Payable to SUNY Geneseo

Please note, tuition is paid to the Student Accounts Office.  All other charges are paid to the Study Abroad Office.  The Study Abroad Office is not accepting credit or debit cards at this point in time.


PaymentPayment ToAmountDescriptionDue in FullChecks Payable toCredit Card/Online Payment
Application FeeStudy Abroad Office$20.00Application processing feeWith application'CAS International Programs'No
TuitionStudent Accounts Office$2785.00 NYS Students; $7410.00 Out-of-State StudentsSemester tuition: Billing'SUNY Geneseo'Yes
Program FeeStudy Abroad Office$5775.00Program fee includes international airfare to and from a major east-coast metropolitan area airport; accommodations; some meals; and group excursions.September 1, 2013**'CAS International Programs'No
Health InsuranceStudy Abroad Office$147.00SUNY policy required for all students on SUNY sponsored Study Abroad Programs.  September 1, 2013**'CAS International Programs'No

Total Tuition Payable to Student Accounts: $2785 NYS Residents ; $7410 Out-of-State Residents

Total Program Fees Payable to Study Abroad: $5942.00

Estimated Total Cost of Participation: $8727.00 NYS Residents; $13,352.00 Out-of-State Residents

All payments to the SUNY Geneseo Study Abroad Office should be made out "CAS International Programs" and sent to the address below:

SUNY Geneseo College
Study Abroad Office
Erwin Hall 106
1 College Circle
Geneseo, NY 14454

*All costs are subject to change without notice due to factors beyond the control of SUNY Geneseo, including changes in exchange rates and international airfares.

**You may pay by the following payment schedule:


PaymentAmountDue Date
Deposit$550.00May 1, 2013
Second Payment$2612.50May 15, 2013
Third Payment$2612.50September 1, 2013
Health Insurance$147.00September 1, 2013


Additional Expenses

All amounts given in the table below are estimates.


Visa Fees$60 - $100For a single entry visa.  All US citizens must have a visa to enter Ghana.  Please check the Embassy of Ghana's visa page for details:  While the Study Abroad Office can provide guidance on the visa process, students are responsible for getting the visa on their own.
Pre-Departure Health Expenses$250 - $350One vaccine (yellow fever) is required for entry into Ghana, as well as medicine for the prevention of malaria; please see for more details.  Students are responsible for obtaining the appropriate vaccinations and medications (we are not doctors in the Study Abroad Office).  You should speak with your phsyician, or make an appointment at a travel health clinic, such as Passport Health.  Exact cost will depend on the medication and the student's insurance covereage. 
Additional Expenses$500Spending money, souvenirs, etc.  Please take the exchange rate into account when budgeting your spending allowance.