the netherlands: University of Groningen Exchange

This is a semester or year long exchange program for which instruction is in English.  Specific exchanges are with RuG's Faculties of Spatial Sciences (Geography), Behavioral and Social Sciences (Psychology/Sociology), the Arts (Communication, History, Political Science, International Relations), or Business (only two students per semester).

Fast Facts:

Program Type:Exchange
Term/Duration:Semester or Academic Year
Spring 2016 Program Dates:Arrive in Groningen: January 25 or 26
International Welcome Events: January 27-28
Semester Dates:  February 1 - July 1
Lectures: February 1 - March 18
Exams: March 21 - April 8
Lectures: April 11 - May 27
Exams: May 30 - July 1
Fall 2015 Program Dates:Arrive in Groningen: August 24 or 25
International Welcome Events: August 26-27
Semester Dates:  August 31 - January 29
Lectures: August 31 - October 16
Exams: October 19 - November 6
Lectures: November 9 - January 8
Exams: January 11-29
Supplemental Application Process:Yes
Application Fee:$20.00
Program Fee:See cost sheet (link at right)
Fall/Academic Year Application Deadline:March 1
Spring Application Deadline:September 15

The Country and City

The Netherlands is a small country of 16 million people situated mainly below sea level in northwest Europe.  Today it is an enthusiastic member of the European Union, and an affluent, advanced nation.  Its international outlook is reflected in the sitting of the International Court of Justice and International Court of Human Rights headquartered in the Hague.  Its largest city, Amsterdam, is a European city of great beauty and culture.  In Rotterdam, Europe's largest port can be found. 

The city of Groningen is situated in the north of the country, not far from the German border, and as such is the cultural and economic capital of the northern Netherlands.  The city has a population of 190,000, and has received numerous awards and distinctions, including best city of the Netherlands 2010, best student city of the Netherlands 2006, European city with the highest quality of life 2007, and safest city of the Netherldands 2005.  With over half the population under 35, the city of Groningen is lively and hospitable.  The city of Groningen is also consistently recognized as one of the most bike-friendly cities in the world.

Student Experience

Leandra Griffith, a junior Communication and English double major, is studying abroad at the University of Groningen for the Spring 2015 semester and is chronicling her experience on her blog.  To learn more about the student experience, check out Leandra Griffith's Blog.

The University

The University of Groningen (RuG) was founded in 1614 and is one of the oldest research universities in Europe.  The university itself is composed of nine separate departments, or 'Faculties', offering 58 Bachelor's and 119 Master's degree programs: Arts, Behavioral and Social Sciences, Economics and Business, Law, Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Medical Sciences, Philosophy, Spatial Sciences, and Theology and Religious Studies.  The University of Groningen has a student body of 27,700, including over 3,300 international degree seeking and exchange students from over 115 different countries.  There are also some 840 students studying for their Ph.D. 

The Program

SUNY Geneseo's exchange program with the University of Groningen enables undergraduate students to take classes for a semester or academic year in the following Faculties:

You must apply for the program through, and be approved by, SUNY Geneseo before participating in this exchange.  Because the University of Groningen is a large, decentralized research university, each Faculty has its own criteria for accepting exchange students.  Please read the Eligibility and Faculty Exchange Restrictions sections to the right to see if specific acceptance criteria apply for the Faculty you wish to study at.  The University of Groningen is on a different academic schedule than SUNY Geneseo (their fall semester runs from September - February and their spring semester runs from February - July).  For this reason, certain Faculty exchanges may only be open for one semester or for the academic year.  Please refer to the above links for details on when each Faculty exchange is available.

In addition to researching information about your specific Faculty using the links above, you can also find general information on being an exchange student at the University of Groningen on their International Office Webpage.