geneseo humanities abroad: selection procedures

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The process of selection of applicants for Humanities I & II sections taught overseas every summer will be as follows:

  1. Application forms will be accepted beginning on the first day of the previous fall semester.  Applications will close October 15.
  2. Applications will be considered when accompanied by a $20.00 application fee (check or money order made out to 'CAS International Programs').  This application fee covers the application review process, and is non-refundable, even if the application is unsuccessful. 
  3. Applications will be considered when accompanied by a color copy or scan of the biography page of the applicant's passport.  The Study Abroad Office (Erwin 106) can make a copy if the applicant does not have access to a copier/scanner.  If you will not have your passport at the time of application, please apply for a new passport right away. 
  4. Applicants must meet the elegibility criteria:
    1. A GPA minimum of 2.75
    2. A clean disciplinary record (those with a disciplinary record who wish to be considered for the program will need to schedule an appointment with the Assistant Provost for International Affairs or the Faculty Fellow for International Programs together with the program instructor)
    3. No pending disciplinary action -- up to the beginning of the program
    4. Students applying for Humanities II will need to have successfully completed Humanities I with a grade of at least B-.
  5. Preference will be given to Geneseo students with a clean disciplinary record.
  6. All applicants will be asked to indicate their choice of section as follows: 1st, 2nd, or 3rd
    • For example, Humanities I: 
      1. Mediterranean Roots (Crete/Athens/Florence/Rome)
      2. Athens
      3. Rome
      • Or any permutation of the three possible sections
    • For example, Humanities II:
      1. Prague
      2. Paris
      3. Oxford
      • Or any permutation of the three possible sections
    • Students who wish definitely to go to only one of the Humanities locations may leave 2 and 3 blank or if they will contemplate only two of the three sections they may indicate that also.
  7. Selection will be based on:
    • Meeting the eligibility requirements
    • Grade point average
    • In the even of intense competition, class standing may also be considered (priority will be given to seniors first, then juniors, sophomores, freshmen)
    • Every effort will be made to give qualified applicants their first choice of section, but given the popularity of the Humanities programs, this may not be possible.
  8. We will maintain a waiting list of qualified applicants who are not initially selected.  Such students will be ranked according to above criteria.
  9. Acceptance time table: applications are due by October 15.  Applications will be reviewed from October 15 through November 15.  All students will receive an admissions decision by November 15 and should expect to pay their program deposit (see below) within 10 days of their offer of admission (by December 1 at the latest). 
  10. Acceptance of Offer: Once accepted into the program, students will receive an email, formally offering them a space on the program and providing directions for post-acceptance procedures.  All correspondence with students is done via email or via the student's campus mailbox, even if the student does not live on campus.  A $550 program deposit will be due.  This deposit will cover part of the program fee.  Students will also be required to complete the post-acceptance information on their Horizons account and attend an administrative orientation.
  11. Decline of offer or withdrawal: If an offer is declined, a qualified but initially unsuccessful applicant from the waiting list will then be contacted with an offer to fill that spot.  Similarly, if an accepted student drops out of the program before May 1, we will contact someone from the waiting list to fill that spot.  Finally, if an individual does not keep to the guidelines for submission of post-acceptance information and does not respond quickly to requests, they will be withdrawn from the program and another student will be substituted.  Should an individual withdraw from a program for other than documented medical reasons, the deposit will not be refunded and the policy on further refunds will apply.



Dr. Becky Lewis

Assistant Provost for International Affairs

State University of New York at Geneseo