Usa: Humanities I in New York city


HUMN 220, or 'HUMN I', is the first installment of Geneseo's Humanities-core requirement, and as such is a required course for all Geneseo students.  This course takes place in New York City, where students have a chance to experience much of the course's content by visiting the city's many museums and cultural centers.

Fast Facts:

Program Type:    Faculty led
Term/Duration:Summer/4 weeks
Summer 2013 Dates:May 29 - June 26, 2013 (approximate)
Application Fee:$20
Estimated Program Fees:  $2950 (with accommodation)/$1570 (without accommodation)
Tuition:$928 NYS Residents/$2472 Non-NYS Residents
Application Deadline:The program is currently filled.  Applications received after April 3 may be considered on a Waiting List basis.

Course Details

In our Western Humanities I class in New York City (The Ancient World to the Renaissance) we will study the course texts in the quiet and safety of Manhattan College's Bronx/Manhattan border campus, a 40- minute subway ride from midtown Manhattan.  More importantly we will make direct connections with our readings to original manuscripts and great works of art and architecture from New York City's world-class museums.  New York houses the finest collections of Ancient Greek, Roman and Medieval art anywhere in North America.

  • We will see (literally, standing in front of us) connections between Sparta's militarism, Greek sculpture of idealized male forms, and the politics of the Peloponnesian War.
  • "Loving They Neighbor Isn't for Sissies."  The dominating Etruscan and Greek influences in early "Roman" sculpture will illuminate how Romulus and other early Roman kings wrestled with the politics of diversity in the founding of Rome.

And thanks to New York's Shakespeare in the Park and the City's "Great While Way" we will study Shakespeare "as you have never seen him before":

  • Shakespeare: English Bard and Broadway BadAss
  • The Manhattan Hamlet Wars or " 'By Opposing:' Perchance to Keep that Sunufabish Barrymore from Going On Tonight."

The course will also feature a Build Your Own Field Trip: Students may individually select their own day or 1/2 day trips into the City and relate them to the course (we'll pay the admission fee... details available from the Course Instructor).

And much more.


The Setting

New York City would seem to be a natural choice as a site for Humanities in any case, given its uniquely rich cultural, intellectual, and recreational resources.  But the closer one looks, the more precise the match: the Greek and Roman treasures of the Metropolitan Museum; the Museum of Biblical Art; the Cloisters, containing the richest collection of medieval art in the Western Hemisphere; and summer Shakespeare in the Park - these all intersect with the texts and themes of Humanities I in the most precise ways.  We hope to take advantage of these and other pairings and provide a unique learning experience for a course that is one of the cornerstones of a Geneseo education.