summer 2013 program Costs

The following table lists the costs associated with this program for the Summer 2013.  The total given is for payments made to Geneseo; it does not include costs payable to 'Others'.  All costs to 'others' are estimates.  All costs are subject to change.  Please note that tuition for the course is payable to the Student Accounts Office and can be paid online.  All other payments are made to the Study Abroad Office.  The Study Abroad Office is not accepting credit cards at this point in time. 


PaymentPayment toAmount*DescriptionDue in FullChecks Payable ToCredit Card/Online Payment
Application FeeStudy Abroad Office$20Application processing fee.With applicaion'CAS International Programs'No
Course TuitionStudent Accounts Office$928 NYS Resident/$2472 Non-NYS ResidentsTuition for 4 credit hours over the summerUpon Billing

'SUNY Geneseo'

Program FeeStudy Abroad Office$2,950 with accommodation/$1,570 without accommodationProgram fee (without accommodation) includes guest lectures, guided tours, teaching facilities, museum entry fees, public transit pass, theatre tickets, final banquet, and administrative fee.  Program fee with accommodation includes all of the above, plus room and board at Manhattan College, and two meals per day Monday - Friday.May 1, 2013**'CAS International Programs'No
Estimated Additional Expenses'Others'NAAdditional expenses include travel to and from the NYC area at the start and end of the course, additional food expenses, and personal expenses.NANANA

Total Tuition Payable to Student Accounts: $928 NYS Residents ; $2472 Out-of-State Residents

Total Program Fees Payable to Study Abroad: $2970.00 With Accommodation ; $1590.00

Estimated Total Cost of Participation:

  • NYS Residents With Accommodation: $3,898.00
  • NYS Residents Without Accommodation: $2,518.00
  • Out-of-State Residents With Accommodation: $5,442.00
  • Out-of-State Residents Without Accommodation:$4.062.00

*All costs are subject to change without notice due to factors beyond the control of SUNY Geneseo.

**You may pay for the program fee in one payment or by the installment plan provided below:

For Students who have been accepted on or before December 1, 2012:

PaymentAmount With AccommodationsAmount Without AccommodationsDue Due (for students accepted after January 1, 2013)Due (for students accepted after April 3, 2013
Deposit$550$550Upon AcceptanceUpon AcceptanceUpon Acceptance
Second Payment$1400.00$510January 28, 2013
February 18, 2013April 22, 2013
Third Payment$1000.00$510February 18, 2013
March 15, 2013May 6, 2013