nicaragua: humanities II in El sauce

HUMN 221, or 'HUMN II', is the second installment of Geneseo's Humanities-core requirement, and as such, is a required course for all Geneseo students.  Humanities II in Nicaragua gives students the chance to examine some of the central themes of the course and required readings, beyond the traditional European and North American contexts.  


Fast Facts

Program Type: Faculty-ledTerm/Duration: Summer/4-weeksSummer 2014 Program Dates: May 18 - June 13, 2014 (tentative)
Credits: 4Application Fee: $20Application Deadline: October 18
Estimated Study Abroad Fee: $4,241.85Estimated Tuition: $983.40 NYS Residents; $2,555.40 Out-of-State ResidentsApplication: Online - Apply Now!

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Course Details

The success of Humanities I and II as a study abroad experience is well established and requires no explanation.  What is particular to this proposal is its location.  Humanities II already spans two hemispheres in its required reading list.  It traces the rise of Europe as it expanded its influence to the New World and the rest of the world through colonialism, imperialism, and global capitalism.  It reiterates the concept of 'global' to emphasize the constant dynamics between the metropolis and the periphery, the developed and under-developed areas.  Although European and North American texts predominate, several central themes of the course involve Latin America as well.  Teaching Humanities II in Nicaragua will offer students a robust opportunity to examine themes of colonialism, the slave trade, applied Marxism, globalization, and capitalism as a modern form of production and accumulation.

Humanities II is a required course for Geneseo students and it satisfies SUNY's Western Civilization general education requirement.


The Setting

The course will be based in El Sauce, the site of Geneseo's service learning initiative.  The students will have the opportunity to study the texts of Humanities II in an environment where people struggle to establish education, health care, and economic development in the face of real poverty.  We anticipate with great excitement what students may discover in their readings given that context.  Finally, the course will enhance and expand our relationship with El Sauce.

In addition to short excursions in the environs of El Sauce, we will visit the cities of Managua and León.


The course will begin with four days on campus at SUNY Geneseo.  This will allow for students to access computers and the library in preparation for travel, as well as offering an opportunity for the necessary orientation and preparation.


Glenn McClure is a lecturer in the English Department teaching Humanities I and II.  He has worked in study abroad programs for over 20 years including extensive experience in Italy and Ghana, West Africa.  Prof. McClure comes from a diverse academic background including Medieval History, Multicultural Education, and Music.  As a composer, his music has been performed around the world including Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center.  Prof. McClure brings this wide knowledge base to an exploration of the influences of art, drama, music, education, and politics on Europe and the Americas.

Program Costs

For complete cost details, download and read the HUMN II in El Sauce Program Cost Sheet.


  • International airfare from major east coast metro area airport.
  • Accommodations.
  • Some group meals.
  • Teaching facilities.
  • Field trips, scheduled museum and entrance fees, guided tours, guest lectures, etc.
  • Travel in Nicaragua.

Does Not Include:

  • Passport.
  • Travel from your home to major east coast metro area airport.
  • Personal spending money.
  • Flight Deviation Fee (if applicable).

Housing and Meals

Room and board will be provided with host families in the El Sauce community, and is included in the cost of the program.  Our host families have been vetted by program faculty and on-site staff.  The host families are used to housing Geneseo students and take extra care to make sure students feel welcomed.

Special Considerations

Because the location for the course brings particular challenges, students should be prepared for those challenges.  While students will not be required to speak Spanish, some knowledge of the language will be useful.  We hope that Spanish majors will take advantage of this opportunity.  In El Sauce, students will stay with the families already participating in our service learning initiative--a value added to the study abroad experience--but participants must understand that living with a family brings with it certain responsibilities.

Students will be required to conform to a fairly specific diet.  Students will be required to get appropriate vaccinations.  The students will have very limited access to computers. 


Application Deadline:

October 18

Humanities Selection Procedures