linguistic field methods in Rochester program costs

The following table lists the costs of this program for the Summer 2012.  The total given is for payments made to Geneseo; it does not include costs payable to 'Others'.  Allc osts to 'others' are estimates.  All costs are subject to change.  Please note that tuition for the course is payable to the Student Accounts Office and can be paid online.  all other payments are made to the Study Abroad Office.  The Study Abroad Office is not accepting credit cards at this point in time.


PaymentPayment toAmount*DescriptionDue in FullChecks Payable ToCredit Card/Online Payment
Application FeeStudy Abroad Office$20Application processing fee.With application'CAS Study Abroad'No
Course TuitionStudent Accounts Office$660 NYS Residents; $1791 Out-of-State ResidentsTuition for 3 credit hours over the summer.Upon Billing'SUNY Geneseo'Yes
Program FeeStudy Abroad Office$550 With Accommodations; $200 Without AccommodationsProgram fee (without accommodations) includes teaching facilities, museum entry fees*, and excursions.  Program fee with accommodations includes all of the above, plus housing in the townhouses on-campus at SUNY Geneseo.Upon Acceptance'CAS Study Abroad'No
Estimated Additional Expenses'Others'NAAdditional expenses include food expenses, personal expenses, and transportation costs.**NANANA

Total Payable to SUNY Geneseo: 

  • NYS Residents, With Accommodations: $1230.00
  • NYS Residents, Without Accommodations: $880.00
  • Out-of-State Residents, With Accommodations: $2,361.00
  • Out-of-State Resident, Without Accommodations: $2,011.00