Office Hours:

Thursday 9:00-11:00




Hi, I'm Bethany Nelson!

Program: UNC C√≥rdoba, Argentina 

Year/Term Abroad:  2013/Fall

Current Year:  Senior

Major: Spanish

Minor: Latin American Studies

Hometown: Moravia, NY


About me:

I am a senior Spanish major who loves leaning everything and anything to do with the Hispanic world, which is why I minor in Latin American studies. I work in the College bookstore and I have also done some Spanish tutoring. I am on the e-board for Geneseo's Face AIDS chapter, as well as being a member of the Spanish Club and Latin Student Association (LSA). I love traveling, meeting new people, speaking Spanish, as well as listening and dancing to Spanish music. I enjoy getting to know all of the incoming exchange students, and showing them all that Geneseo has to offer.

Studying abroad changed my life in many more ways than one, it changed my career path, my view toward the world, it made me step back in the busy "go go go" lifestyle of the USA and appreciate the little things a bit more, amongst a list of many more reasons. I am excited to be a mentor because I love sharing my story and hearing those of others. I can't wait to meet with students and relate to there interest in venturing out into the world. I am very pleased to be able to help others become more interested in all that SUNY study abroad has to offer them both on campus and abroad, and to help them join our global community.