Office Hours:

Monday 9:00-10:00;

Friday 9:00-10:00




Hi, I'm John Markell!

Program:  SUNY at La Sorbonne, Paris, France

Year/Term Abroad:  2013/ Spring

Current Year:  Senior

Major:  Business

Hometown:  Pleasantville, NY


About me:

If I'm not in the study abroad office, chances are I'm either in the kitchen, at the athletic center, or working at the library. I love to bake for friends and family. I've created hundreds of recipes, including gluten/dairy-free chocolate chip pumpkin cookies, homemade black and whites, and linzer tortes.

I take any opportunity I can get to be of use to the world around me and being able to help out the Geneseo community is something I definitely look forward to doing.