Office hours:

Tuesday 12:00-1:00;

Friday 3:30-4:30




Hi, I'm Matthew McClure!

Program: Global Service Learning in Borgne, Haiti

Year/Term Abroad:   2013/Spring Break

Current Year:    Sophomore

Major:  Comparative Literature

Minors: English, Edgar Fellows

Hometown:   Geneseo, NY




About me:

I was born and raised in Geneseo and I have gone to Italy, Haiti and several other countries around the world. I speak Italian. Speak to me in Italian! love foreign language and I am a member of the Swing Dance Club and Bhangra. I am a brother of Alpha Phi Omega, a co-ed service fraternity, in which I have focused on community outreach. I love Ethiopian food. Yum. Let's talk! Let's dance! Let's eat!

I became a mentor because I want to more involved in the whole study abroad process and help fellow students get where they want to go!