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Monday 12:00-1:00;

Thursday 12:00-1:00


Mentor Hours

Monday - Thursday
11:00 am - 4:00 pm
Erwin Hall 217



                    Connor Green

Hi, I'm Connor Green!

Progam:  Humanities II in El Sauce, Nicaragua

Year/Term Abroad: 2013/Summer

Current Year:  Senior

Majors:  Anthropology and History

Hometown: Sharon Springs, NY




About me:

I was very involved with hall council my first two years at Geneseo, being vice president Freshman year, and then President my sophomore year. In my Junior year, I was the Campus Relations Coordinator for the Inter-Residence Council. For that position, I advised Hall Council Presidents, and helped them coordinate two campus-wide events!

Throughout all of that, I've been as involved with the Geneseo Admissions department. I was a tour guide beginning sophomore year, and then became a lead tour guide for Junior and Senior year. I have also worked for Admissions as a summer tour guide.

Studying Abroad is a big decision, and I want students to know as much about the different programs as possible before they choose. I love to talk about my own Study Abroad experience, and if that can help other students make their decisions, being a mentor sounds like pretty much the perfect position.