Office Hours:

Monday 10:00-12:00





Hi, I'm Bethany Hyland!

Programs: Sichuan University, China, Summer 2012
Beijing Normal University, China, Fall 2012
Humanities II in El Sauce, Nicaragua, Summer 2013
University of Cadiz, Spain, Fall 2013

Current Year: Senior

Major: Spanish

Minor: Edgar Fellows

Hometown: Rochester, NY


About me:

I've been involved with hall council, Slavic Club, GCCC, ACE, and intramural sports, but am currently using most of my free time to write my honors thesis about organ trafficking in the PRC (ask me about it!!) I work for SA Tech making all your events complete successes. I can usually be found eating fruit, daydreaming about Chinese food, or talking excitedly about study abroad. When I was in Chengdu I used to compete with old Sichuanese men to see who could eat the spiciest food. (I lost)

There are a lot of unknowns when studying abroad, which is most of the fun to be honest, but it helps to have someone to talk to who's been through what you're about to do! I'm excited to talk to other students and help them sort out their questions and concerns about living and studying abroad, should be fun!