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Hi, I'm William Jockers!

Program:  Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

Year/Term Abroad:  2013/Fall

Current Year:  Junior

Major: International Relations

Minor: Asian Studies

Hometown: Bay Shore


About me:

I'm a WGSU Radio DJ, active member of the Chinese Culture Club, was the AAC Representative for The Welles Report, and have participated in the Insomnia Film Festival. The Insomnia Film Festival has challenged my ability to organize and stay awake, and the Chinese Culture Club taught me useful lessons about Chinese traditions which came in handy while abroad.

Planning on studying abroad can be a bumby experience. You can become anxious about the experience, so being there to make it a smoother experience would be a great opportunity. Having the chance to teach people the mistakes you can make abroad will hopefully make their experiences more fulfilling.