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            Isshu Kikuma

Hi, I'm Isshu Kikuma!

Program: Washington Center Intership

Year/Term Abroad:  2014/Summer

Current Year:   Junior

Major:   Economics and Geography

Hometown:   Tokyo, Japan



About me:

I'm an international student from Japan. Spending a long time in a foreign country has changed my life greatly. I am highly interested in other cultures and belong to Geneseo Chinese Culture Club and Skakti as well as Japanese Culture Club. Also, I love to play badminton and was an intramural badminton champion in Fall 2013. I like to be involved in service activities and participated in Livingston CARES volunteer trip to Long Island in April 2014 and to Staten Island in May 2014. I'm also a rescue scuba diver.

I believe that my unique background as an international student can contribute to students who are interested in studying abroad.