the washington center integrated science and policy internships: semester program costs

The tables below give estimated costs for Spring 2013.  Table one lists costs payable to Geneseo; table two lists additional estimated costs payable to 'Others'.  If you have any questions about program costs, please stop by the Study Abroad Office (Erwin 106).  All costs are subject to change.

Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarships are available to qualified applicants in the following amounts:

  • $3000 awarded to up to three(3) SUNY Geneseo students per semester or summer.  The $3000 scholarships are sponsored by the Office of the Provost at SUNY Geneseo, and will be available to students in any field of study.
  • $2000 awarded to up to three(3) students in STEM internships per semester or summer.  The $2000 scholarships are sponsored by TWC, and are for STEM students only.

In both cases, the scholarship amounts will be deducted from the student's Program Fee (SUNY Geneseo) or Housing Fee (TWC).  Please see details below.

Program Costs Payable to Geneseo (per semester)

Please note: Tuition for the program is payable to the Student Accounts Office and can be paid online.  All other payments on Table 1 are made to the Study Abroad Office.


PaymentPayment ToAmountDescriptionDue in FullChecks Payable ToCredit Card/Online Payment
Application FeeStudy Abroad Office$20Application processing feeWith application'CAS Study Abroad'No
TuitionStudent Accounts Office$2635 NYS Residents/$7160 Non-NYS ResidentsSUNY tuition (full-time) per semester.Upon Billing'SUNY Geneseo'Yes
Program FeeStudy Abroad Office$4815Program fee covers tuition differential, academic programming, and the Leadership Forum at TWC.
December 1, 2012
'CAS Study Abroad'

Total Costs Payable to Geneseo: $7,009 NYS Residents/$11,534 Non-NYS Residents

Additional Estimated Costs (per semester)

All costs listed in the table below are estimates and are payable to 'Others'.


ExpenseEstimated AmountComments
TWC Supplemental Application Fee$60After being accepted by SUNY Geneseo, you will be prompted to submit an application directly to TWC.
Transportation to and From Washington, DC$500Estimated airfare
Housing Security Deposit$300Payable directly to TWC; security deposits are not cashed or charged unless housing damage occurs.
Housing Fee$4995Housing is provided both in a newly built, fully furnished academic and student residential apartment facility, as well as in other conveniently located, fully furnished apartment units in Maryland and Virginia with secured-access.
Incidentals$2250Costs associated with living in Washington, DC but not provided by TWC, such as meals, local transportation, and other costs, estimated at $150 per week.