the washington center:  internship Program

The Washington Center and SUNY Geneseo are pleased to offer a residential program in Washington D.C. that includes a nearly full-time internship, an academic course taught in the evening, and the Leadership Forum, which includes a speaker series, a meeting with a member of Congress or his/her senior staff on Capitol Hill, tailored Science, Technology, and Society programming, civic engagement opportunities and career development activies. 

Fast Facts:

Program Type:Study Away
Term/Duration:Fall/Spring Semester or Summer
Fall 2015 Program Dates:Check in:  August 26
Orientation:  August 27
Internship Begins:  August 31
Internship Ends:  December 10
Check Out:  December 12
Spring 2016 Program Dates:Check in:  January 20
Orientation:  January 20-22
Internship Begins:  January 25
Internship Ends:  May 5
Check Out:  May 7
Summer 2016 Program Dates:Check in:  May 25
Orientation:  May 25-27
Internship Begins:  May 31
Internship Ends:  August 4
Check Out:  August 6
Fall 2016 Program Dates:Check in:  August 24
Orientation:  August 24-26
Internship Begins:  August 29
Internship Ends:  December 8
Check Out:  December 10
Credits:9 (summer) or 12 (semester)
*Application Deadlines:Fall: April 1
Spring: October 1
Summer: February 1

*If you miss the deadline posted above, you should still apply!  Application deadlines for TWC are flexible, but to ensure the greatest chance of getting the internship you are interested in, it is best to apply early.  The deadlines listed above correspond to the TWC "priority deadlines."  Information about dates and deadlines can be found at:

Program Overview

The Integrated Science and Policy Internship Program will be composed of the following elements: the internship (4 - 4.5 days/week), academic course (3 hours/week), and Leadership Forum.  This program offers 12 hours of academic credit (9 hours in internship and 3 hours of academic coursework at The Washington Center).  Three additional hours of credit can be arranged individually with Geneseo faculty if student and faculty agree upon additional requirements.  Academic and residential staff offer support throughout the program, and an academic advisory board from Geneseo and other SUNY campuses provide oversight for the academic program. 


Internship placements will prepare students for professional positions in government, industry and nonprofits, as well as for graduate education.  This program will benefit students from any SUNY university majoring in physical and biological sciences, or other science, social science or policy majors.  Internships are 32 to 36 work hours each week with at least 80% of a student's time spent on substantive, non-clerical work, such as:

  • Researching legislative and policy issues on scientific matters
  • Researching survey data and analyzing reports
  • Synthesizing research, translating information, and creating educational materials and concept papers

Internship placements can be in government agencies, corporations, or non-profit organizations, such as the Environmental Protection Agency, the Federation of American Scientists, Department of the Interior, Environmental and Energy Study Institute, National AIDS Network, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, World Health Organization Regional Office, and many more.

Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarships are available to qualified applicants in the following amounts:

  • $3000 awarded to up to five(5) SUNY Geneseo students per year (Spring - Summer - Fall).  The $3000 scholarships are sponsored by the Office of the Provost at SUNY Geneseo. Preference will be given to Geneseo students participating in the "Science, Technology, and Society" program at TWC.
  • $2000 awarded to up to five(5) students in STEM internships per year (Spring - Summer - Fall).  The $2000 scholarships are sponsored by TWC, and are for student participating in the "Science, Technology, and Society" program at TWC.

In both cases, the scholarship amounts will be deducted from the student's tuition (SUNY Geneseo) or Housing Fee (TWC).  Please see Program Cost pages for details.