Become a Class Agentsturges in fall

Class Agents play a critical role in connecting alumni to Geneseo. By encouraging classmates to support Geneseo, Class Agents help to provide funding for scholarships, research grants, study abroad, athletics, faculty support and so much more. Without the efforts of these volunteers, Geneseo would not be able to reach its participation and dollar goals. Alumni gifts to Geneseo help make up the difference between tuition and the actual cost per student.

Your Role

You serve as the primary contact between the College and your classmates. The two key goals of our class agent program are to increase class participation and to keep individual classmates connected to each other and the College.


Class Agents lead by example, making their gifts to Geneseo early in the fiscal year. Agents also contact 10–20 classmates about upcoming events and making their annual gift. There are two contact periods during the year: one in the fall and one in the spring. As an Agent, you have the opportunity to share Geneseo news with your classmates and relay feedback from classmates back to the Annual Giving team. Agents also thank their classmates who do make a gift!


To receive more information about becoming a Class Agent, please complete our online request form or contact a member of the Geneseo Reunion and Annual Giving Staff.