Giving Programs



Geneseo's giving programs support the outstanding student body, faculty, and staff that the college has worked hard to cultivate. The generosity displayed by donors provides provides scholarships for deserving students, funds faculty research and conferences, provides equipment and travel support for athletic teams, and so much more. Giving back to Geneseo allows donors to support the passions, interests, and activities they loved during their time at Geneseo, giving a current student the same opportunities they had. As Frank Vafier '74 said,

"No matter where we came from, we arrived at Geneseo and the world got bigger. We did things we never thought we would do. We went places we never imagined we would go. We met bright, engaging people we never dreamed we would meet. And because of those experiences, we went on—often in adverse circumstances—to make our own way."

- Frank Vafier ‘74

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