Switch to Prime Vendor and Elimination of the Warehouse

In Fall 2009, Campus Auxiliary Services switched to a prime source vendor for its operations.  Previously, CAS had purchased food products from several vendors who all delivered to the central warehouse on campus.  Dining units would then order food from the warehouse, who would ship to the dining locations every day.  Now, we have one prime vendor who delivers food products to each dining center directly three times a week.  This greatly reduces the amount of trucks being brought onto campus and the amount of miles that CAS vehicles were traveling from the warehouse to each dining center every day.  In addition, the prime source vendor is often able to deliver using a biodiesel truck. 

In addition to the amount of gas being saved, there are large environmental savings being realized by closing down the warehouse.  The warehouse had consisted of one large walk in cooler with 11,488 cubic feet of space and 2 large walk in freezers with a combined 15,456 cubic feet of space.  In addition to the energy required to keep these large coolers and freezers at the appropriate temperatures, they are run by water cooled compressors.  A half inch pipe carries water around the compressor to keep it from overheating.  The water that flows through these pipes then goes down a drain.  It is the equivalent of letting your faucet run 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  These coolers and freezers used to operate year round but now have been shut down and are no longer operated.