High-efficiency Laundry Machines

In the start of the fall 2007 semester, all of the washing and drying machines on the south side of campus were replaced with high-efficiency front loading washers and dryers that significantly reduce water and energy usage.  This included 39 washing machines and 39 dryers.  By the end of the year, over 490,000 gallons of water were saved on the south side of campus due to the introduction of the new laundry machines.  In addition to the water saved, the laundry machines require significantly less laundry detergent and remove excess water from clothes, reducing the amount of time and energy needed to dry them.

This fall 2008, we have converted all of the laundry machines in the center of campus to the high-efficiency models.  This includes 39 washing machines and 39 dryers.  We anticipate the amount of water and energy saved to double during this year as a result of the changes.  Plans are under way to convert the machines on the north end of campus in the fall of 2009.