Trayless Dining

In the Fall of 2008, Red Jacket Dining Center, one of our All-You-Care-To-Eat dining centers, went “trayless” to reduce food waste and to save water and chemicals.  All of the trays were removed from the dining center and are no longer available to customers.  Customers may go back to the counter and are still allowed as much food as they would like.  Using data collected during the spring of 2008, it was determined that the switch to trayless dining has reduced food waste by 40.14%


Red Jacket

Spring 2008 Waste Weigh

120# edible food collected

5.43 oz per person

Fall 2008 Trayless Waste Weigh

87# edible food collected

3.25 oz. Per person

The data was collected by performing waste weighs.  during the waste weighs, food scraps that were brought to the dishroom by customers were collected and sorted.  All edible food waste was collected and weighed at the end of the night.