Catering Recycling Program

CAS has begun delivering recycling bins as part of our catering setup for deliveries that include bottled water or canned soda.  Many of the conference rooms throughout campus do not have recycling bins, and we have found through observation that most of the bottles and cans used at catering functions are thrown out instead of recycled. 

In the past year, over 1,600 cases of canned soda and bottled water were delivered to Mary Jemison Dining Center for use in catering and in the dining facility.  The canned soda is used strictly for catering, and the bottled water is used for both catering and for sale in the dining center.  It can safely be assumed that at least half of the product that is brought in is used for catering – a total of almost 20,000 individual cans and bottles.  This project presents the opportunity of diverting these 20,000 cans and bottles from the waste stream to a recycling center.