Including Sustainability Factors into Dining Services Operating Audit

Dining Services has included sustainability factors into its weekly operating audit.  This audit is performed in each dining center and ensures that operating standards are being met.  Tying in sustainability to the operating audit helps to hardwire sustainable practices into our everyday routine and to ensure that sustainable practices are being followed.  It also ensures that equipment is being kept properly maintained so that water and energy is not being wasted. 

Items being included in the operating audit are:

-- Checking to make sure that cooler and freezer doors seal tightly and that they are shut properly when not being used

-- Checking that faucets are turned off tightly when not in use and do not drip when they are shut off

-- Checking that lights are turned off in rooms that are not being used

--Checking that there are no recyclable materials in the garbage

--Checking that all empty food containers are completely emptied to avoid food waste

The environmental savings for this recommendation are:

--Preventing one leaky faucet that produces 60 drips per minute will save 5 gallons of water a day, or 2, 082 gallons in a year. 

--The energy savings of turning off a single 60-Watt incandescent light bulb for one hour is .06 kWh.

--The environmental savings for ensuring that the cooler and freezer doors seal tightly and that they are shut properly is difficult to quantify. 

By including checks in the operating audit that pertain to sustainability, we send a message to all of our employees about the importance and permanence of sustainability.  This helps to create accountability for following sustainability measures and reinforces sustainability as a part of our culture.