Testing Procedures


  • Once you receive an email notification that a student has submitted a request for a testing appointment, please respond
    • Whether notes, books, calculators or other materials may be used.
    • Contact information for during the exam.
    • How you would like us to return the exam to you.
  • The Office of Disability Services is not able to act as a liaison between students and faculty for non-accommodated make-up exams.  Please consult the student(s) and submit a “Faculty Make-up (Non-accommodated) Testing Request form”.
  • The Office of Disability Services must receive the test at least 24 hours in advance of the appointment.  The testing center is in Erwin Hall 22 and the proctors pick up the exams early in the morning.  Exam envelopes need to be prepared the day before in order to have them ready for the proctors. Tests can be :
    • Hand delivered to Erwin 22
    • Open in an email or as an email attachment to testcenter@geneseo.edu. (Do not send it to either jacksonj@geneseo.edu or tbuggieh@geneseo.edu as we do not have access to each other’s accounts and may not be able to get the test.)
    • Faxed to 585-245-5091
  • If there is a correction or clarification on a test, notify us as quickly as possible at 245-5112.
  • Completed exams will be returned to the faculty as quickly as possible by whichever method is chosen.
  • FYI:  Students who arrive more than 15 minutes late for an exam will not be permitted to take the exam without express permission of the instructor.  The time lost will be deducted from exam time. Students must show official ID in order to take an exam. 


  • Consult with professor and agree on date and time-at least a week before each test.
  • Fill out  and submit (online) “Student Accommodated Testing Request Form
  • Make sure you receive a confirmation email within two business days or contact testcenter@geneseo.edu.
  • Report to Erwin 22 ON TIME with your Geneseo ID.
  • If you are more than 15 minutes late, you will not be able to take the test until the professor is contacted for permission. Any missed time will be deducted from your testing time.
  • Any student suspected of cheating will have their test removed by the proctor and the faculty will be contacted.