How do you find undergraduate research opportunities and funding?

Finding a research project or opportunity:

  1. ON CAMPUS:  Check with a faculty member in your field of interest and/or check with your academic department  Some academic departments include undergraduate research on their websites: Academic Department Listing
  2. OFF CAMPUS;  There is an abundance of undergraduate research opportunites through federal programs, at other colleges and through private entities: External Opportunities
  3. Check previous GREAT Day programs to read abstracts of research projects previous Geneseo students have engaged in:  GREAT Day Program Archive.  Each project  has a faculty sponsor, who you can contact directly. 

Finding Funding:

  1. Campus Based Support - Undergraduate Research and Travel Grants, Fellowships and Awards:  There are many campus based funding opportunities to support Undergraduate Research, including small grants for research and travel to present at conferences, assistantships and summer fellowships.  Visit the Student Research Funding page for more information.
  2. Funding for student research is available through many federal and private programs: External Opportunities