Welcome from the Director, Charles Matthews......                ACUI

Welcome to the web site of the Department of College Union & Activities at SUNY Geneseo. One of the best ways to get the most out of the college experience is to take advantage of the numerous events, activities, and organizations that are available here at Geneseo. Active involvement in the Geneseo community provides opportunities to use what is learned in the classrooom, to increase interpersonal skills, to gain leadership and management experience, to meet others and to have fun. The Robert W. MacVittie College Union is the center of the college community. College Union & Activities provides services, facilities, and educational and recreational programs that enhance the quality of college life. The activities that are available are numerous and diverse. These activities are more than fun social events; they are events with the intention of enhancing intellectual and behavioral learning.




"Students who had high levels of involvement in both academic and cocurricular activities reported the strongest gains in cognitive skills, communication skills, interpersonal skills, and self-confidence." Research by Huang and Chang (2004) ---- "Students who participated in student organizations scored higher than nonmembers on educational involvement, career planning, academic automony, life management, and developing purpose." Research by Cooper, Healy, and Simpson (1994) ---- " Involvement in extracurricular activities has a strong positive impact on social self-concept." Research by Pascarella and Terezini (2005) ---- "Peer relationships, organizational involvement, living arrangements, and employment contributes to intellectual development." Research by Baxter-Magolda (1992) ---- " The more time students spend volunteering, the more likely they are to deepen their understanding of personal and social values." Research by Cress et.al (2001) ---- "70% of what a student learns during college results from out-of-class experiences." Research by G.Kuh, J.Schuh, E. Whitt, & Associates, 1991; Wilson, 1966