Student Organization Office Space Name College Union Room #
Anime Club 203E Sturges
Alpha Delta Epsilon 314
Alpha Kappa Psi 314
Alpha Phi Omega 314
Black Student Union 130E
Blake 108-any student can sign out the key for prayer 108
Colleges Against Cancer 115B
Gahhda Bhangra 130A
Geneseo Area Gaming Group 203B Sturges
Geneseo Chinese Cultural Club 130D
Geneseo College Activities Board 313
Geneseo Crew Club 115C
Geneseo Environmental Organization 115C
Geneseo Fencing Club Armory Sign Out Armory Cage
Geneseo Hippies for Hope 115B
Geneseo Student Television 110 and 104
Ghana Club 130A
GOLD 114
Habitat for Humanity 115C
Hope Youth Mentoring Club 343
Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship 203D Sturges
Japanese Cultural Club 130D
Korean American Students Association 130E
Korye 130A
Latino Student Association 130C
Nerf 203A Sturges
Phi Alpha Delta 314
Pride Allicance 312
Quidditch Club 203C Sturges
Shakti 130C
Student Life Interns (See Employee Directory) 331
Student Organization Storage Space- Organization's Name must be on list 130B
Tech A, B, C 312
The Lamron 110
Ticket Office 113
Voices For Planned Parenthood 115A
Womyn's Action Action Coalition 312