Crisis Management

Alternatives for Battered Women in Monroe County

Mission: To enhance the quality of life and empower individuals that are affected or at risk for domestic violence
Contact: Ruth Kramer,  585-232-5200 ext. 234
Volunteer Opportunities: Internships available; One-shot opportunities include: annual phone-a-thon, clerical, Court of Justice, working in playroom.  On-going opportunities include "hot-line counselor," which requires couple of hours of work each week

Cameron Community Ministries

Mission: To provide educational and recreational experiences to build life skills, provide meals to the hungry, and clothe those in need in a neighborhood where significant numbes of families live in poverty
Contact: Karen Wilson, 585-254-2697
Volunteer Opportunities: Helping with afterschool program (reading partners, youth groups), serving hot meals, working in a clothing store, coordinating a donation drive

Center for Dispute Settlements

Program Description: Handles mediation between co-workers, custodial visitation and disputes between landlords and tenants
Contact: Letitia Rosenthal 585-243-7007
Volunteer Opportunities: After completing an interview and and training program, volunteers can work in mediation

Chances and Changes

Mission: To serve victims of domestic violence in Livingston County and operate a battered women's shelter.
Contact: 585-658-3940
Volunteer Opportunities: Work with children and special events


Program Description: Regional food bank that distributes food to a variety of community agencies in the area.
Contact: John Baldanza, 585-328-3380
Volunteer Opportunities: Sort food and prepare packages to be delivered

Habitat for Humanity, Geneseo Student Chapter

Volunteer Opportunities: Volunteers can help with the building process or serve as a typist, artist, accountant, etc. Student group is always looking for new members and leaders for their E-board

Habitat for Humanity, Livingston County Chapter

Program Description: Build and renovate simple, decent, affordable housing.
Contact: Ed Carney, 585-335-5634

Rape Crisis

Contact: Michelle Koster 585-658-2370
Volunteer Opportunities: Counsel and advocate for rape or sexual assault victims and their families or friends. Working on a victim support hotline. Training provided.


116 Main Street
Mt. Morris, NY 14510
Contact: Lauren Berger, 585-658-2370,
Volunteer Opportunities: “The primary volunteer role is the RESTORE Advocate. This entails answering calls on the RESTORE 24-hour hotline, and responding to hospital calls to advocate for a victim of sexual assault as to his/her medical, legal and counseling options. Advocates also, if necessary, provide support, comfort and information for family members, friends and partners of victims. Alternate volunteer opportunities are circulating print materials to area establishments, tabling at RESTORE for local events, and assisting with specific outreach campaigns during the calendar year (such as making teal ribbon pins for Sexual Assault Awareness Month).