Higher Education Resource Opportunities in Schools

What is HEROS?

Created in 2007 as part of the AmeriCorps VISTA Project, HEROS is a mentoring partnership between SUNY Geneseo and Livingston County High Schools.  Trained HEROS mentors work one-on-one each week with students that have been selected by his or her guidance counselor. Acting as a positive role model and lending support, as well as a listening ear, the mentor is the middle ground between an authoritative figure and a friend. Ultimately, the goal of the program is to encourage high school students to go to college (either a 2 year or 4 year program). Through the establishment of a positive mentor-mentee relationship, the hope is to end the cycle of poverty with a focus on education.

What is a HERO?

A HERO is a mentor:

  •  a wise and trusted counselor or teacher
  • an influential senior sponsor or supporter

Someone who:

  • Acts as a positive role model for their mentee
  • Encourages high school students to go to college
  • Researches financial aid and college information
  • Supports the mentee and assists mentee's development

As a HEROS mentor, one is expected to complete a training workshop through GOLD entitled "Keys to Effective Mentoring", to show up each week for one hour to meet with mentee, and to be an empathetic and non-judgmental supporter of a high school student.  If you would like to be a mentor for the HEROS program, please complete this applicaton. 


Program Coordinators

President: Paige O'Connor (pbo1@geneseo.edu)
Vice President: Katherine Tharrett (kft1@geneseo.edu)
Treasurer: Nadir Mahmood (nm9@geneseo.edu)
Secretary: Abigail Rulison (akr4@geneseo.edu)

Advisor: Paula McClure (mcclurep@geneseo.edu)