4 fall 12 (plus, of course HUM I)

  ElizabethcollageSMALLQueen Elizabeth on Film  


Queen, Virgin, Woman, Scholar, Outlier:  Elizabeth Tudor is a marker for the English Renaissance, historically and visually.  Played by the greatest actors -- Bette Davis, Glenda Jackson, Helen Mirren, Judi Dench, Cate Blanchett -- Elizabeth on film shows us not only the story of a remarkable woman, but the response of popular culture to female power during the Depression, in the repressive 1950s, at the dawn of modern feminism, and in the age of Hilary Clinton.  And the movies are way cool.

You'll learn how to make YouTube videos and edit film clips -- valuable skills in those post-1700 classes as well as in life.
YouTube trailer for the course:  

workload:  2-page paper, final exam, team project on one of the films, class participation.



This course  fulfills the pre-1700 British requirement and counts

as an elective for Women's Studies.


English 254:  Baby  Shakespeare 


This semester -- in addition to the usual variety pack of comedy, history, tragedy, problem play -- I want to take a very close look at King Lear.  The English Dept has kindly purchased 4 different productions, so we can do some interesting page/stage work with that most difficult play. 

I love the techie stuff -- editing film clips and making arguments on line -- so one of your papers will be a  collaborative presentation mounted on a web page.


week 1 sonnets >> Romeo and Juliet

week 2  Romeo and Juliet

week 3  a driveb by of the text of King Lear

week 4 Much Ado >>> page (Shakespeare)/stage (Branagh)

week 5  Henry V

week 6  midterm;   back to sonnets

week 7  Lear presentations 

week 8 Merchant of Venice

week 9   what is hate speech in the 16th century ?

week 10 catch up?

week 11 Queen Elizabeth as a game-changer

week 12 Antony and Cleopatra

week 13 Antony and Cleopatra

week 14  King Lear:  Is this the promised end?