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Research Project Assistant

Title Grade or Pay Range Effective Date of Position Standard
Research Project Assistant
August 1998

Distinguishing Features:
Positions are restricted to those who are full-time SUNY students registered and actively engaged in a program of study leading to an advanced degree.

Level of Complexity:
Incumbents perform assigned duties in scholarly or scientific investigation or inquiry or in a program of public service. Activities will vary in terms of involvement and may be carried out in the laboratory, library, or in field studies. Activities may include assisting in the organizing and conduct of a research plan, developing methods of research, tests, and data collection, or making judgements through observation, interviews, and review of documents. Incumbents may also analyze and evaluate data, write reports or collaborate with research workers in other disciplines as required. The position requires a part time
employment commitment, except in summer periods, to allow the incumbent to fulfill graduate study requirements.

Knowledge/Formal Training:
Incumbents must be registered and actively engaged in a program of study leading to an advanced degree.

Guidance Received:
Incumbents carry out activities under the general supervision of the Principal Investigator or supervisor in conformance with the requirements of the research grant, contract, or sponsored program.

Discretion/Judgment Exercised:
Incumbents exercise the creativity, judgement, and discretion required for the performance of assigned activities.

The knowledge and experience requirements described in this standard may be satisfied by an equivalent combination of knowledge and experience.

Position duties are meant to be illustrative of the work performed by an employee with this title. The actual job description may contain specific duties not outlined in this standard that do not materially affect the classification.