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Research Laboratory Worker

Title Grade or Pay Range Effective Date of Position Standard
Research Laboratory Worker
October 1989

Distinguishing Features:
This is an entry level position in direct technical support of a project or program. Incumbents perform a variety of routine and/or repetitive tasks in a laboratory or in the field under the direct supervision of a scientist or other professional.

Level of Complexity:
Assignments involve tasks of a routine and repetitive nature with few steps or variables. Activity may include care and maintenance or operation of apparatus and equipment as directed; observing and recording, such as reading gauges, graphs or other measurement devices; assembling, preparing, labelling and dispensing products or materials, taking inventories, etc.

Knowledge/Formal Training:
Requires technical knowledge as evidenced by course work in subject matter related to the position, special education courses by equipment manufacturers or vendors and similar formal training. Incumbents will need a brief period of orientation or on-the-job training to learn the rudiments of the job.

Job Related Experience/Special Skills:
Incumbents need not have job-related experience; however, previous exposure to methods, routines or environment helpful. Positions may require manual dexterity, lifting and moving materials and/or equipment in excess of 50 lb. on a periodic or regular basis, and/or skills in library use and recording of data.

Guidance Received:
Duties involve routine operations and well established procedures often performed repeatedly under the close supervision or direction of a scientist or other professional. Incumbents will be expected to refer to supervisor upon completion of tasks or when situation is encountered that is not covered by instructions or procedures.

Typical Promotional Opportunities:
Research Technician I

The knowledge and experience requirements described in this standard may be satisfied by an equivalent combination of knowledge and experience.

Position duties are meant to be illustrative of the work performed by an employee with this title. The actual job description may contain specific duties not outlined in this standard that do not materially affect the classification.