Geneseo Workout Center

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Our fingerprint-activated entry system is run on a secured server, so your privacy is assured.

All new members will have to be scanned into the system. Once scanned into the system, you will be in the system for your time at Geneseo.

After graduation, your information will be deleted.

The Workout Center is located on the lower level of the Merritt Athletic Center, Next to the Ira S. Wilson Ice Rink. Click here for hours.

The Workout Center does not use Membership Cards or Photo IDs. We now utilize  a Secured Fingerprint Scanner System.

In addition to the convenience of not having to carry a card, this system also allows us to track the number of members and the times during which members use the Workout Center.The information collected allows us to determine peak hours of use and helps us adjust staffing requirements.

Members will be scanned into the computer system when they register for membership.

To gain entry members must  scan their right index finger, which will unlock the security gate to allow entry.

Both rooms require members to scan in every time they enter.

Members must scan every time they enter the Workout Center even if they have already scanned earlier in the day.

Liabilities & Injuries:Participants should be aware that there is a risk of personal injury due to the inherent nature of this activity. Each participant assumes the risk for any harm or injury. It is encouraged that each individual has a physical examination prior to participation. All accidents or injuries should be reported immediately to a member of the Workout Center Staff.

First-Aid Kit: Located at the Main Desk and an AED in the hallway outside the Workout Center

Comments/Questions: Email Workout Center Director Paul Simmons at or call 245-5348.