The Workout Center will close for the Spring Concert at 5PM on Sunday, April 24th. We will reopen at 6AM on Monday, April 25th.

The Workout Center will maintain regular Spring Semester Hours during final exams & will be then be closed from 5/12-5/16/206. Summer Hours (Monday-Friday 11AM-5PM) will begin on 5/17/2016 & will be in effect through 8/26/2016.

The WOC will be closed for Memorial Day & Fourth of July Holidays.

Hours and Classes Spring 2016

WOC Hours

Monday-Thursday: 6AM-11PM

Friday: 6AM-9PM

Saturday: 10AM-9PM

Sunday: Noon-9PM

Personal Trainers:

Justin Leonti, Dan Stern & Beverly Hirschmann are the WOC Personal Trainers

Sessions are by appointment only.

Contact Justin at, Dan at or Beverly at to arrange a session.

You must be a member of the WOC in order to work with the Personal Trainers.

No additional fee is charged for an appoinment with the Personal Trainers.

Exercise Classes:

Spin Classes classes are held in Squash Court #2 in Merritt Athletic Center.

Monday & Wednesday NOON Yoga held in the KnightSpot.

All other classes held in the Schrader Dance Studio.

Please bring your own water bottle & towel


Allie- Noon in KnightSpot

Yoga-4PM-Schrader Dance Studio
Melissa-Zumba-5PM- Schrader Dance Studio

Anna-Spin-5PM-Merritt Athletic Center Squash Court #2
Yoga-7Pm-Schrader Dance Studio

Molly-Zumba-5PM- Schrader Dance Studio

Anna-Spin-5PM- Merritt Athletic Center Squash Court #2
Nina-Zumba- 6PM- Schrader Dance Studio
Allie-Yoga- 8PM- Schrader Dance Studio

Mellisa-Zumba-4PM- Schrader Dance Studio

Elise-Spin-7PM- Merritt Athletic Center Squash Court #2
Molly-Zumba-530PM- Schrader Dance Studio

Nina-Zumba-6PM- Schrader Dance Studio

Anna-Spin-6PM- Merritt Athletic Center Squash Court #2


Elise Spin-3PM-Merritt Athletic Center Squash Court#2
Molly-Zumba 6PM- Schrader Dance Studio



Anna-Spin-1PM- Merritt Athletic Center Squash Court #2



Elise-Spin-7PM- Merritt Athletic center Squash Court #2

There will be no classes during College Breaks or during Final Exams.

Please sign in at the door of each class.

Clean shoes must be worn at all times.