Hours and Classes Fall 2015

WOC Hours

Monday-Thursday: 6AM-11PM

Friday: 6AM-9PM

Saturday: 10AM-9PM

Sunday: Noon-9PM

Personal Trainer:

Justin Leonti is the WOC Personal Trainer.

Sessions are by appointment only.

Contact Justin at jl57@geneseo.edu to arrange a session.

You must be a member of the WOC in order to work with the Personal Trainers.

No additional fee is charged for appoinments with the Personal Trainers.

Exercise Classes: 12/11/15 will be the lAST CLASSES of the Fall Semester.

Spin Classes classes are held in Squash Court #2 in Merritt Athletic Center.

Please bring your own water bottle & towel.

Monday: 5PM

Tuesday: 5PM

Wednesday: 6PM

Thursday: 5PM

Friday: 3PM

Saturday: 10AM

Monday:  Yoga Noon in the Knightspot All other classes held in the Schrader Dance Studio)

                 Zumba 3PM

                 Yoga 4PM

                 Yoga 10PM

Tuesday: Yoga 7PM

                  Zumba 8PM

Wednesday: Yoga 10PM

Thursday: Zumba 9PM

                   Yoga 10PM

Friday:       Yoga 3PM

There will be no classes during College Breaks or during Final Exams.

Please sign in at the door of each class.

Clean shoes must be worn at all times.