The Women’s and Gender Studies Program seeks submissions/nominations early in spring semester for the following student awards. Each involves a prize of $150.

The Christine de Pizan Award is presented for the best paper,  project, or artwork coming under the interdisciplinary umbrella of Women’s Studies written or created for an academic course since March of the previous year. It is not necessary for the paper, project, or art to have been completed as  part of a WMST course. Papers are read for clarity of argument, sophistication of gender-based analysis, quality of writing, and if applicable  control of data and/or research material. Essays and other brief papers are welcome and strongly encouraged; the maximum length for a paper is 20 pages including notes. Students drawing from a thesis should trim their work to this length. Projects and artwork are judged based on quality and conceptual grounding in women’s studies. Any creative works  (including fiction, poetry, art) should be accompanied by a one page artist’s statement specifying the relevance of the work for this award.  Written works of art should be no longer than 20 pages.  

The Harriet Tubman Activism/Leadership Award is presented for outstanding contributions to women’s issues on campus or in the community in the Spring, Summer, and Fall of the previous academic year. All nominees will be reviewed based upon 1) a current resume and 2) a letter of nomination of no more than two pages that describes the organization (s) where the nominee worked (on campus, community, or otherwise), the significance of  the work accomplished, and specifically how this relates to women’s studies/feminist theory. Nominations must be submitted by  Monday, March 5, 2009 at 5 pm. Self-nominations are accepted; those who self-nominate should provide all required materials by March 5.  Those who are not self-nominated will be contacted by the committee and  asked to submit a resume..

Please submit electronic copies of your submissions to Alice Rutkowski, English ( by the deadline of March 5, 2015

Essays, papers, and letters should  be MSWord compatible. Photographs of artwork are acceptable, or alternatively, please contact Melanie Blood via email to arrange a drop off of original art by the due date. Questions and concerns can be directed to her as well.

Awards will be presented at the end of the Spring semester.

Nota bene: the prize money is taken from faculty contributions. If you would like to help with the funding of this prize, please send Richard Dressner a check made out to the Geneseo Foundation with a notation that the money should go toward the Women's Studies Prize.

Past winners:

2015 Winners: Rachel Olin (Tubman), Laura Brown (Tubman), Nadine Piazza (Pizan)

2014 Winners: Rena Pazienza (Tubman), Julia Antenucci (Pizan)

2013 Winners: Sarah Hirsch (Tubman), Gentaro Ramadhan (Pizan)

2012 Winners: Catherine Herman (Tubman), Jillian Wolf (Pizan)

2011 Winners: Brittney Walker (Tubman), Bridget Stith (Pizan)

2010 Winner: Sharon Fox (Pizan)

2009 Winner: Fiona Murray (Tubman); Isobel Connor and Katherine Hart  (Pizan)

2008 Winners: Katherine McCarty and Meaghan Colligan (Tubman); Lisa Parisio (Pizan)

2007 Winners: Meaghan Colligan and Elizabeth Lamme (Tubman); Claire Ruswick (Pizan)

2006 Winners: Emily Craver, Amanda Olszowy

2004 Winners: Dawn Griffin, Erin Khouri