Women's and Gender Studies Courses for Spring 2015

WMST 100: Introduction to Women’s Studies MW 1-2:15 3cr Amanda Roth

WMST 201: Topics: Pornography MF 10-11:15 3cr Alice Rutkowski


ANTH 270: Topics: Childbirth in America R 4-6:30 3cr Ann Judkins

BLST 288: Black Masculinities Body/Performance TR 10-11:15 3cr Mark Broomfield

ENGL 458 Major Authors: Octavia Butler* sec 2 WF 10:30-12:10 4cr Beth McCoy

ENGL 458 Major Auhtors: M. NourbeSe Philip* sec 3 TR 12:30-2:10 4cr Lytton Smith

ENGL 458 Major Authors: Leslie Marmon Silko* sec 4 MW 4:30-6:10 4cr Caroline Woidat

ENGL 458 Major Authors: Jane Austen* sec 5 TR 4:30-6:10 4cr Celia Easton

HIST 267: Women and US Social Movements WF 10-11:15 3cr Cathy Adams

HIST 391: Senior Seminar: Race, Class and Gender in Early America R 4-6:30 3cr Cathy Adams

PHIL 204: Philosophy of Woman TR 11:30-12:45 3cr Heidi Savage

INTD 207: Interdisciplinary Disability Studies W 4-6:30 3cr Linda Ware

PSYC 236: Human Sexual Behavior TR 2:30-3:45 3cr Dan Repinski

SOCL 210: Sociology of the Family sec 1 TR 1-2:15 3cr Denise Scott

SOCL 210: Sociology of the Family sec 2 TR 2:30-3:45 3cr Denise Scott

SOCL 281: Topics: Gender and Development sec 1 TR 11:30-12:45 3cr Lisa  Meyer

SOCL 381: Topics: Postmodern Body MW 11:30-12:45 3cr Elaine Cleeton (Previously: Feminist Theory and the Body)


*See professor about possible waiving of prerequisites.

Psychology majors enrolled in Dr. Katz or Dr. DeHart’s Psyc 390 sections may choose to use those classes toward WMGST electives.

Senior Capstone (WMST 395 Internship or WMST 399 Research/Creative Project) is by individual arrangement; look on web site or see Dr. Blood with questions or for assistance.


 ***email Melanie Blood to add a class to this list or with any questions



Courses approved for current Women's Studies Minor:

Other courses require approval of the Women's Studies Coordinator to count for the minor, including Internships and Directed Studies in Women's Studies. Non-WMST courses not found on the list below will also requie a Waiver form, signed by the Coordinator and approved by the Dean of the College.

(click on the name of the course for more information)

  1. Anthropology 224

  2. Anthropology 243

  3. Art History 310

  4. English 343

  5. English 358

  6. History 200

  7. History 260

  8. History 380

  9. History 391

  10. Philosophy 204

  11. Political Science 250

  12. Psychology 236

  13. Psychology 308

  14. Sociology 201

  15. Sociology 210

  16. Sociology 215

  17. Sociology 225

  18. Women's Studies 201