Kerry Fogarty Alexander  |  Class of 1987

Posted on Thu, Jul 11, 2013

When Kerry returns to campus every fall, she doesn’t consider the six-and-a-half hour drive from Cheshire, Conn., as leaving home.  Rather, she’s coming home — where her life, as she now knows it, really began.

“Sometimes we try to orchestrate our life instead of letting our life lead us in its natural path. I came to Geneseo as an accounting major and never thought I’d be doing what I’m doing now. I took a large psych 101 class and loved it so much I changed majors. I took classes with different professors like Bill Cook and Karen Duffy … They sparked an interest in me and helped me realize I could have a minor in organizational and occupational behavior. They led me to places I didn’t know existed, and that has since led me along this path to become a high school guidance director at Sacred Heart Academy. I absolutely love what I do.

My life as a student revolved around Alpha Kappa Phi and our sorority projects. Many of us who come back for Homecoming were involved as Greeks. For me, in some ways, it’s an escape from the pressures of my reality now. I can go back to Geneseo and be Kerry Fogarty again for three days with old friends and just be and laugh and remember. It’s a way to step back, slow down and reconnect.

Geneseo is my touchstone and in so many ways, it doesn’t change. Coming back every year allows me to remember always where I came from and how important that was.”