Xerox Center Mission and Goals

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The mission of the Xerox Center for Multicultural Teacher Education is to promote the academic success of students from all ethnic and cultural communities, especially those who have been historically less well-served by schools.
We work to ensure the development of intercultural sensitivity in our pre-service teachers through weekly seminars, tutoring and mentoring partnerships with the Rochester City Schools, and scholarships for underrepresented students in our teaching program. We are committed to social justice through education and awareness-raising, preparing our teachers for an increasingly diverse student population.



1. To establish school-community-university partnerships in which Geneseo students and faculty work with and learn from school personnel and community members.
2. To identify and recruit students from diverse communities into the teaching profession and provide financial, social, and academic support to these students as the complete teacher preparation programs.
3. To develop and disseminate culturally relevant educational courses and programs that will support educators from all backgrounds in their work in culturally diverse schools.