Slavic Club: 

Slavic Club is a fairly new group on campus at SUNY Geneseo and is an organization that is dedicated to the understanding and appreciation of all aspects of Slavic culture. This incorporates the historical, linguistic, political and social traditions of all Slavic lands, including but not limited to Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, etc. Past events have included: Slavic Comfort Foods Dinner, Slavic Folk Dance/Cyrillic Writing Workshop, ACE (Alliance for Community Enrichment) Intercultural Dinner, trips to Slavic restaurants, participation in the showings of a variety of foreign films in conjunction with professors on campus, etc. No particular heritage or background in any specific language required! All are welcome!

Slavic Club meets at 7:30 on Thursdays in the Welles 210


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