SUNY Geneseo has joined over a hundred fellow campuses of the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU) in a national project designed to promote students' experience and understanding of civic engagement.

The American Democracy Project is a national initiative that aims to:

The Future of Democracy book cover

As it participates in the American Democracy Project, SUNY Geneseo will encourage students to engage not only in civic action but also in critical reflection on democracy itself, as it is practiced - or not practiced - both within and beyond America's borders. For democracy itself is a continuing project, an aspiration as much as a reality even in the world's "free" nations, and a project that is inconsistent with complacency or self-satisfaction.

The American Democracy Project is co-directed by a staff member of The New York Times, which has set aside a portion of its website for ADP and other civic-engagement news and information.


Watch Dr. Peter Levine of Tufts University speak on The Future of Democracy.

Watch the 2008 N.Y. State Candidates' Forum, including candidates for state and national office.

Watch the 2008 Harding Lecture, delivered by Franes Smith Foster.

Watch Dave Dennis speak on Quality Education as a Constitutional Right for All Children.

Watch Julian Bond speak on Civil Rights: In the Day, Today, and Tomorrow.

Watch Hasan Kwame Jeffries speak on Making Sense of the Madness: Decoding the Many Responses to Black Power.

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Watch or listen to other video or audio recordings of public affairs events at Geneseo.