Biology of Invertebrates

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Updated April 4 2011
Jordan Place, Sarah Dzara,
 Paul Sandell, Alex Mucci
Link between Myxozoans and Cnidarians: Are the rDNA sequence analyses telling the true story?
Ashley Lund, Michelle Mendez,
Beth Swiatocha, Michelle Marks
Form/Function Comparison of Tracheal Respiratory Systems in Terrestrial Arthropods
Jacqueline Raffaele, Jessica Yee,
Jessie Reisig, Parker Duffney
    Form/Function Comparison of Pheromone Communication in Eusocial Ants and Honeybees
Max Migliore, Laura Hansen,
Liz Reilly, Chris Hennessy
Evolution of Freezing Tolerance in Lepidoptera
Abigayle Erickson, Adam Birke, Nate Brzostek
Stem Cell Evolution and Function in Invertebrates
Angie Klinczar, Clark Driscoll,
Pam Tangel, Chris Valenti
Cavitation Bubbles in Snapping Shrimp and Mantis Shrimp: Comparison of  Form and Function of a Unique Adaptation
Adrienne Buckla, Kun Hyoe Rhoo,
Kara James, Cynthia Nguyen
Adaptations of Hermit Crabs  During the Transition from Water to Land
Pam Vasely, Natalie Chapman,
Sumaiya Kabir, Alex Rossi
Evolution of bioluminescense from a byproduct of respiration to an important ecological function.
Liz Cariseo, Lee Berube,
Gregg Izzo, Lydia Martin
Function and Evolution of Ecdysteroirds in Insects
Harrison Riddel, Hary Weisberg,
 Ryan Avery, Dan Kane
Phylogeny of Ctenophores and Basal Metazoans After Sponges  
  Ellis Baehr, Mark Bertolone,
Bryce Ledner, Josh Menges
Michael Marchese, Peter Tunkey,
Amy Farabaugh, Chris Titterton
Parasite Brain Control and Host Zombies
Christine Capruso, Chris Purdy,
Jeremy Plochko, Sam Guarrera

Angela Spicciati, Chelsea Ahrens,
Ben Noragong, Mike Hoy
Nature of Mutulalisms Between Bivalves and Bacteria
           Michelle Marks, Erin Rockwell,
 John Nichols
Evolution of Insect Larval Forms