Current Songs

Here's a list of the songs we've done over the past three years- many more to come!

Song Performed By Arranged By Solo(s)
Where's the Love Hanson Anna Crowley Ed Brady
The Way I Am Ingrid Michaelson Chas Hannum Lydia Sherrie
500 Miles The Proclaimers Brought to us by Liz Everyone
Love Song Sara Bareilles Anna Crowley Anna Crowley
No One Alicia Keys Christiana Shorter Christiana Shorter
Ace of Base Medley Ace of Base Chas Hannum Clarisse and Liz

Retired Songs

These are songs off our past two albums (Exit 8: The Album, and Exit 8: This Time We Mean It) as well as some ridiculously old ones.

Song Performed By Arranged By Solo(s)
I Love You Always Forever Donna Lewis Chas Hannum Joy Toy, Maggie Tagarelli
Better Days Goo Goo Dolls Mike Radi Mike Radi
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays *NSYNC Jordan Van Brink MaryElisabeth Kimbark, Marc Cataldi, Christiana Shorter
Rehab Amy Winehouse Anna Crowley MaryElisabeth Kimbark
Inside Out Eve 6 Chas Hannum Mat Jones
Dark Blue Jack's Mannequin Chas Hannum Ed Brady, Chas Hannum
Chicago Sufjan Stevens Kristine Teets Jeff Apple
Crazy Gnarls Barkley Everyone Caleb Patrick, Leia Barkman
Time After Time Cyndi Lauper Jordan Van Brink Anna Crowley
Steal My Kisses Ben Harper Kristine Teets Harrison Watkins
Unwritten Natasha Betingfeild Jordan Van Brink Beth Carcich
It Ends Tonight All American Rejects Leia Barkman Leia Barkman
Fallin' Alicia Keys Casey Crimmins Christiana Shorter
Fidelity Regina Spektor Kristine Teets Kristine Teets
One Sweet Day Mariah Carey/ BoyzIIMen Jordan Van Brink Clarisse Baluyot, Jordan Van Brink
Breathless The Corrs Anna Crowley Liz Hoffman
Hide and Seek Imogen Heap Lydia Sherrie, Casey Crimmins, Kristine Teets None
Boulevard of Broken Dreams Green Day Mike McGough Jordan Van Brink, Mat Jones
Walking on Broken Glass Annie Lennox Casey Crimmins Kristine Teets, Maureen Cahill
Ain't No Mountain High Enough Marvin Gaye Jordan Van Brink Many
My Happy Ending Avril Lavigne Jordan Van Brink Kim Bilinski
The Reason Hoobastank Casey Crimmins Casey Crimmins
Lets Get it Started Black Eyed Peas Casey Crimmins Jonathan Griffiths, Christiana Shorter, Jordan Van Brink, Stacey Mark
Your Body is a Wonderland John Mayer Justin Swackhamer John Kaczorowski
Nothing Better Postal Service Jordan Van Brink Mo Cahill, Harrison Watkins
I?ll Be There For You Rembrants The Swingle Singers None
Waterfalls TLC Magoo Leia Barkman, Christiana Shorter, Kim Balinski, Elizabeth Whitaker
Runaround Blue's Traveler Will Wickham Kristine Teets, Rick Gibson, Stacey Mark
Some Fantastic Barenaked Ladies Will Wickham Jordan Van Brink, Casey Crimmins
Cruisin' Gwenyth Paltrow & Huey Lewis Justin Swackhamer Sadie Mueller, Justin Swackhamer
I'll Be There' Jackson 5 The Multi-Colored Ties Sadie Mueller, Justin Swackhamer
In and Out of Love Joel Crimmins Casey Crimmins, Don Ferlazo Sadie Mueller, Casey Crimmins