1st and 3rd Mon.
1:45 ISC 118


Events this year:

Relay for Life
Hammer sale
Hand lense sale
Koozie sale
Hoodie sale
Can Drive
Scanning Documents
T-Shirt sale
Geology Trivia Night (hosted by SGE)
liveGreen booth

Relay For Life

The Geology Club has organized a Relay For Life team! Join our team or make a donation in support of our efforts in the fight against cancer!
Cancer affects millions of people across the globe and many people right here in our hometown. By joining our team or making a donation, you will be a part of Relay For Life® to celebrate survivors, remember the people we've lost to cancer, and fight back against this disease.

Click on the link to join or donate to the Geneseo Geology Relay For Life Team


As you all should know the trip to New Zealand next year is going to be expensive and so the club has been attempting to brainstorm ideas to raise funds. These funds will go to the club which will in turn be spent on some aspect of your trip. The first project we have in mind is scanning documents for Dr. Young and RAS.
Scanning documents has raised over $300, and there is still a lot more to scan! If you know how to use the scanner, and how Dr. Young wants files scanned, feel free to scan anytime there is not a class in that room. If you want to scan but don't know how, contact ANYONE who has been to the informational meeting with Dr. Young.
If you are going on the NZ trip, we HIGHLY ENCOURAGE you to volunteer.

Other Fundraising Ideas:

Rock Sale
Date Auction
Rock Kits for GSCI 100 and 111 labs (planned for fall 2008)

Speaking of fundraisers, Koozies are still here! Utilizing the classic "Geneseo Geology" with rock hammers design, they have become an instant hit! Buy yours now, $3 each or get 2 for $5. We're also willing to make deals on larger purchases. Get your friends and family to buy them!
Drink Koozie(not to scale)


The club still has three hand lenses and one chisel-tipped rock hammer. See an officer about purchasing one. They are essential tools for every geologist!