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SUNY Geneseo
3-2 Engineering Process


Student Responsibilities Calendar and Checklist

During Your Sophomore Year at Geneseo
  1. Ensure that your GPA will be adequate for the school(s) you are interested in.
  2. Ensure that you register for the appropriate courses to ensure not only that you can transfer, but that you will obtain your Geneseo degree. See your department advisor or the Bulletin for more info.
  3. Consider visiting some of the cooperative engineering schools.
During Your Junior Year at Geneseo
  1. During the Fall semester, complete the 3-2 application form and return it to Dr. Pogo (due December 17). The information will be examined, and if it is acceptable, letters of recommendation will be mailed to the cooperative schools in January.
  2. During the Fall semester, you must complete a Geneseo Request for Bachelorís Degree Form, and return it to Dr. Pogo (due December 17). Dr. Pogo will submit this form to the Geneseo registrar on your behalf after you complete your engineering degree.
  3. You must request any necessary application/transfer forms and any desired financial aid forms from the cooperative school(s). Prior to the end of the Fall semester, you should complete these and send them directly to the cooperative schools.

    You are not required to pay an application fee to these schools. Instead, write "3-2 Engineering Program" in large letters at the top of the application/transfer form.

    Transfer application forms for other cooperative SUNY schools are available from the Geneseo Admissions Office (Erwin Hall).

    If the school requires a Geneseo transcript, then you are responsible for sending it.

  4. During the Spring semester, you must complete a Leave of Absence form. Forms are available from the Vice President for Student and Campus Life Office (Erwin 108). Be sure to indicate a 2-year leave of absence. This will allow you to return to Geneseo without reapplying if you change your mind after starting at the partner institution.

While at the Cooperative Institution

  1. You must make sure you continue to take the correct courses. In the typical case, most students need to take at least two courses at the 300+ level with an "engineering" prefix in order to complete their Geneseo degree. Note that "math" prefix courses will not count towards your Geneseo science major! This can sneak up on you if, for example, you are an "operations research" major at the engineering school.
  2. You must send an official copy of your final engineering transcript to Geneseo. It must clearly indicate that your engineering degree was awarded (as opposed to being "in progress"). You should send it to the Geneseo Registrar's office, and also send Dr. pogo an email to tell him that it's on it's way.

Core Requirements at Geneseo

To obtain your Geneseo degree, you must meet all of the Geneseo core requirements, as specified in the Geneseo Bulletin for your freshman year. With prior approval of the Geneseo department offering the core course, or the Geneseo Deanís office, it may be possible to transfer credit for some core courses to Geneseo from the cooperative school. The INTD-105 writing course and HUMN I and II must be taken at Geneseo.