About Student Association


It's true. The Student Association (SA) provides funding to nearly 40 student organizations, in addition to supporting numerous services and activities. As a fee-paying student, it's your right to participate in any SA-funded organization. There are a number of ways to get involved: join a club, serve on a committee, apply for an appointment, participate in a GOLD workshop, or stop in the SA office to talk to a member of the SA Executive Committee. These organizations are going to be around whether you involve yourself or not, so why not make the most out of your time and money? Get involved today!


Geneseo Students have nearly total control over the Student Association. SA is led by an 8 member executive committee elected by all students each March. The positions on the Executive Committee are: President, Vice President, and the Directors of Business Affairs, Academic Affairs, Inter-Residence Affairs, Public Relations, Student Programming and Student Affairs.

The SA Executive Committee is the legislative and executive branch of the student government, and is led by the SA President. The Executive Committee's primary responsibilities are to represent student interests to the College, the State, and external groups, provide services and programs to the student body, and to responsibly allocate the mandatory student activity fee to organizations.


The SA Executive Committee delegates the authority to fund residence hall programs, special activities and academic programs to three standing committees. These standing committees exist under the direct supervision of the standing committee, and the Chair of each committee is elected by the student body in SA elections. Each of the standing committee provides a unique opportunity for leadership and activism.

Inter-Residence Council: The Inter-Residence Council (IRC) is comprised of elected representatives from each of Geneseo's fifteen residence halls. These representatives vote on funding for on-campus programs inside and outside of the halls. The IRC pursues several issues a year as part of student advocacy and represents Geneseo at local, regional and national conferences. The IRC is chaired by the Director of Inter-Residence Affairs, a position on the SA Executive Committee.

Each year around Halloween, IRC brings "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" to Geneseo. In addition, IRC also works alongside the National Residence Hall Honorary, which is composed of the top 1% of on-campus student leaders.

For more information on IRC, you can stop by the IRC Office in Jones Hall, or contact the IRC Chairperson at sairc@geneseo.edu.

Activities Commission: Many people believe that events like Family Weekend or the major concert are planned and overseen by professional staff working for the college. In fact, students are the ones with the responsibility of conceiving and executing many of the major events on campus each year. Much of this student programming occurs on the Activities Commission (AC).

AC is a body of several programmers, each having a particular focus. Kino brings the latest movies to campus before release on DVD. Contemporary Forum brings controversial or otherwise interesting speakers like Rory Kennedy the Female Orgasm. Geneseo Concerts books two major shows a year, and in the past has brought Ben Folds, Third Eye Blind, Jason Mraz, Counting Crows and Nelly to campus. Limelight offers comedians such as Kathleen Madigan and Alonzo Bodden, or classy dance troupes like Tapaholics or Luna Negra. Each of these positions is overseen by a single student programmer who works in conjunction with the rest of AC to bring the most entertaining acts to campus.

The AC Chairperson is the SA Director of Student Programming, a position on the SA Executive Committee. Elections for the other positions on the Activities Commission are usually held after SA elections in late March, and all fee-paying students are welcome to apply. If you have questions about AC or its programming, please stop by the AC office in College Union room 313 or contact the Chairperson at sadsp@geneseo.edu.

Academic Affairs Committee: The Academic Affairs Committee (AAC) is comprised of one student representative from each academic department offering a major or minor. Each representative speaks for the corresponding club within their department. AAC helps sponsor several activities for groups like the Psychology or Sociology Club, and helps sponsor conferences and trips for academic organizations like the Geology Club.

AAC does much more than allocate funds, it is also a forum for discussion of important issues on campus, and its member have served on college committees reviewing the student advisement process, the core curriculum and other academic issues. The AAC Chairperson is the SA Director of Academic Affairs, a position on the SA Executive Committee. Elections for the AAC Executive Board are held late in the spring semester of each academic year.

If you have any questions, you may stop by the SA Office at College Union room 316, contact the Chairperson at saaac@geneseo.edu, or call 585-245-5878.

Undergraduate Student Association Elections Committee (USAEC): The USAEC is a standing committee of the Student Association whose members are completely independent from the SA Executive Committee after being appointed. The USAEC is responsible for administering all SA elections in the fall and spring, providing interpretation of elections policy, processing petitions and other necessary forms, and publicizing voting dates.

Up to ten members and one Chair are appointed by the SA President each fall. There is no class restriction for membership, but no member of the USAEC may be a member of the Student Court, the SA Executive Committee, or a candidate for office.

For information about the USAEC's timelines and procedures, contact the USAEC Chairperson at saelections@geneseo.edu. For information about appointment to the USAEC, contact the SA President at sapres@geneseo.edu


Alliance for Community Enrichment (ACE): The purpose of ACE is to promote and encourage the growth of a diverse environment for all students in the Geneseo community. ACE is a committee that increases the presence of cultural and under-represented communities (including, but not limited to racial, ethnic, gender, sexuality and ability) on the Geneseo campus through the use of collaboration and programming. ACE is comprised of 10 multicultural and special interests groups as well as the chair, vice chair, advisor, and program advisor.

ACE puts on several events during the year including the Intercultural Dinner, ACE Film Festival and ACE Field Day as well as many more. ACE groups also put on many events on their own including their numerous cultural dinners.

If you have any questions, you may stop by the SA Office at College Union room 316, contact the Chairperson at sasa@geneseo.edu, or call 585-245-5878.

Student Court: The Undergraduate Student Court is the judicial branch of the Student Association and is responsible for enforcing policy, hearing impeachment cases and resolving elections disputes. The time commitment for Justices is mild, and the Court has been a great opportunity for pre-law students looking to gain some judicial responsibility. Appointments to the Court are made by the SA President. There are four Justices and one Chief Justice. Students remain on the Court for their entire time in college. For more information about the Student Court, please e-mail the Chief Justice at studentcourt@geneseo.edu.

Student Senate: Student Senators caucus once a month and represent the student body in Student-Faculty Senate meetings, where issues of college curriculum and other academic or major college initiatives are debated. Any student may apply for a senator position in the early fall. For more information, contact the SA Vice President at savp@geneseo.edu.

Class Officers: Each class elects four students (Pres, VP, Sec. and Treasurer) to lead them. Elections for these positions are held in the spring concurrent with SA Executive Committee elections. Elections for unfilled positions are held again in the fall.

Each year, the Freshman Class puts on a MidKnight breakfast at the end of the fall semester around finals. The senior class officers help coordinate senior fundraising and put on several class unity events, including happy hours and the senior derby. In addition to these activities, the classes are offered drawing funds which may be accessed through SA for original programming or class bonding activities.

For more information on the process for elections, contact the USAEC Chair at saelections@geneseo.edu. For information about the SA drawing fund, contact the SA Director of Student Programming at sadsp@geneseo.edu.

Other Committees: The officers of the SA Executive Committee serve on a variety of campus-wide committees alongside faculty, staff, and college administrators. Such committees include the Campus Auxiliary Services Board of Directors, the All-College Judicial Committee, the Student-Faculty Senate Executive Board, the Geneseo Foundation Board of Directors, the College Council, the College Parking Committee, and the New Organization Recognition Committee. For more information about the committees on which the SA Executive Committee represents the student body, contact the SA Director of Public Relations at sapr@geneseo.edu.

Fee-paying students wishing to serve the campus community and advocate for the student body may seek appointment to a number of committees as follows:

Student Senator Caucus (contact SA Vice President at savp@geneseo.edu)
Personal Safety Committee
Student Court
Undergraduate Student Association Elections Committee (USAEC)
Research and Travel Grant Selection Committee
CAS Board of Directors
Student Conduct Board (contact Dean of Students Office)
Student Association Merit Awards Selection Committee
SA Budget Committee
Except where otherwise indicated, students seeking more information about appointment to these groups or committees should contact the SA President at sapres@geneseo.edu).